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Muzzleloader hunts for trophy mule deer in Nebraska's Sandhills.

Our muzzleloader season runs the first two weeks of December. With the new any scope size law, the possibilities are endless for trophy deer. The temps are usually in the 40's and the low in the teens, which makes the post rut a prime time to harvest that mature buck. The deer bed in the hills during the day and early afternoon they come into the food sources where you can hunt them from a ground blind or a natural blind. The hunting pressure is minimal and deer are very predictable that time of year. We offer a 4-day hunt that includes lodging, meals, and guide service with the guide to client ratio being 2 to 1. One on one is possible for an extra fee. The Sandhills are beautiful this time of year and the hunting is great.


A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the hunt holds your hunt with the balance due in July.


Our young hunters age 10-29 will need a Hunters Safety course completion, and please bring your certificate with you for deer check in. Hunter orange is required and has to be 400 square inches on head, chest and back. Tags are over the counter and can be printed off in your living room at

Muzzleloader Deer
Hunter with Muzzleloader Deer Trophy

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