Crossbows are legal in Nebraska during archery season.


Our archery hunts here at Deer Meadows include lodging, meals, and guide service (2on1 ratio) on a 5 day hunt. You can upgrade to a 1on1 guided hunt for $1000. We offer trophy and management archery hunts, trophy hunts are for bucks up to 180 inches and management hunts are for any mature buck up to 155 inches. We are proud of our spot and stalk style of hunting for mule deer. We can also use blinds for the clients that prefer that method of hunting. Whitetails or mulies can be taken here, and the tags are guaranteed so there are no worries about not getting drawn.


September archery hunting is warm and can be very rewarding as the bucks are in bachelor groups and patternable. October brings the pre-rut when the bucks separate and are quite often alone for easier stalking. The temps cool down and the action heats up toward the end of October so if interested in an archery hunt, call or e-mail early to save your spot. A  non-refundable deposit of 50% of the hunt guarantees your spot.


For the 2016 Archery season we had 95% opportunity with 75% harvest averaging 170 inches on our Mule deer.


If you are between the ages of 10 and 29, you will need a BOW HUNTER safety course number to receive a permit. If you don't have bow hunter safety you will need to buy an apprentice tag when you buy your tag.


We have a processor in town that will cut and wrap your meat along with freezing it so it will survive the ride home, or you can donate the meat to a good cause with the cost of processing paid by the hunter. Please check with us to verify prices for our taxidermist and meat processor. Give us a call and let us set up your next trophy hunt.


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